Not All is Lost for Dying Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs are liken to the rainforests of the ocean; they cover less than 1% of the sea floor, but are homes to 25% of marine life! Coral reefs also protect our coastlines by reducing about 97% of the energy in the waves which would otherwise lead to coastal flooding and hurricanes.

We've all seen news and research about the bleaching and dying of coral reefs around the world, and predictions of their extinction in the next 50 years. In this video, Sally Le Page explores the research funded by BNP Paribas Bank Foundation on climate change and coral reefs, and about how coral reefs may not be as doomed as it may seem. With the right measures, we might be able to help these fascinating animals find their way back and thrive in the marine ecosystems.

Sally Le Page is a British evolutionary biologist and science communicator. She is best known for making educational science content on YouTube, both for her own channel and for collaborations with groups such as General Electric and Rooster Teeth. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Oxford researching sexual selection.