My Zero Waste Beginnings

My zero waste journey started with this:



This is very graphic representation of how our irresponsible consumption and disposal of plastic has directly affected our planet and its inhabitants.

This image shook me. It wasn't pity or sadness. It was an immense sense of guilt and responsibility - my careless living has directly contributed to the demise of nature. Bottle caps, lighters, plastic bags, plastic straws & cutlery... these are things we take for granted everyday and use carelessly.

I used to buy an average of two plastic water bottles per day. That's 670 water bottles and bottle caps per year just from one person. Take aways and UBEReats? No fuss, they come in plastic food containers and even provide disposable cutlery. Grocery shopping? No worries, free plastic bags! Occasionally double bagging just cos the bag might break. I couldn't escape the responsibility of contributing to (unnecessary) plastic waste.

After that image and a number of documentaries later, I researched types of reusable water bottles – some people need bottles for hot drinks, some for cold ones, I just needed one for water. Found HydraPak Stash 750ml, a collapsible water bottle big enough so I wouldn't have to keep finding water coolers to refill, and small & light enough (when collapsed) to bring around.

Beyond plastic water bottles, some simple swaps I very readily adopted include:
1. Bringing out a reusable shopping bag and refusing plastic bags when shopping
2. Choosing packaging free soap & shampoo
3. Choosing packaging free dental hygiene

Living a completely zero waste life is still long ways ahead, but these are baby steps we can all take. With a consolidated effort, we could actually make a difference.