#DIY: Self-Watering Planter


After watching countless videos of people successfully cutting glass wine bottles with a simple contraption made of rope, nail polish remover, some matches, and a bucket of cold water, I thought I'd give it a go! How difficult can it be right? Those videos were proof of success!

So I set out to prep for my DIY project:

So like any good Singaporean, I followed all the instructions required for this project: tied the rope to the glass bottle, snipped off the excess rope, dipped the rope into acetone (or any nail polish remover with acetone), stroke a match and watch the fire do its magic before dunking the bottle into cold water.

And then... nothing. Nothing happened to the bottle. Just a bit of soot from the burnt out lint on the bottle.

I don't know, maybe the fire didn't heat the glass enough. Maybe the cold water wasn't cold enough. The glass showed no signs of stress. But I did. *insert distressed emoji*

I tried a few times - tying, snipping, dipping, striking – but still, nothing. Then I turned to trusty Google and typed in "Why doesn't rope and fire work to make DIY glass bottle". This YouTube link came up as a search result - Wine Bottle Cutter 30 Seconds Perfect Edge. And it worked!

Well, sorta... at least the glass cracked, not at the desired places, but it did. Win! It's far from perfect, edges all jagged, but hey, I could put soil in, plant my mint leaves - I call that success. 

Now, the test would be if the plant survives. ;)

Update 7 days after date of post: 
I'm pleased to report that the plant is thriving!! The planter works really well it seems.

Will try again when I get new bottles!